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Emily Tao

Department Director, Communications

Emily Tao is the first communications director at the IATSE and oversees all communications initiatives.

Since joining the IATSE in 2011, Tao founded and maintains the IATSE’s social media presence, including its Facebook and Twitter, and headed the redesign of the IATSE website in 2012. In early 2014, the Communications Department released the IATSE Social Media and Netiquette Guide as a primer using social media professionally in a labor union setting. Much of this guide is based off of trainings and presentations that Tao conducted.

In 2013, the International Labor Communication Association awarded the IATSE in the 2013 Labor Media Awards for:

  • General Excellence - Print and Internet / Website / National/International unions, First Place
  • Internet Awards / Best Design Internet / National/International unions, First Place 
  • Internet Awards / Best Use of Social Media / National/International Unions, Second Place

Tao chairs the IATSE Young Workers Committee, which held its first two Young Worker Conferences in fall of 2012 in Philadelphia. She has represented the IATSE young workers at conferences, including AFL-CIO Young Workers Program activities, the UNI Americas Youth Conference in 2012, and the BECTU Young Members Forum in 2014.

Tao has worked in marketing at the City University of New York, Baruch College, where she assisted in messaging for incoming students and researching ways to make Baruch more competitive among undergraduates. She also worked on several television shows at CBS News Productions.

A proud longhorn, Tao graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a double major in marketing and journalism. She lives in New York City and enjoys eating good food, consuming (pop) culture, and reading.