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Kelly Moon

CLC Delegate

Kelly Moon has served as the Canadian Labour Congress Delegate since July 2008 after the International General Executive Board elected her to this position vacated by Don Ramsden. CLC Delegate Moon was re-elected at the 66th Quadrennial Convention in Orlando in July 2009 and again re-elected, unopposed, at the 67th Quadrennial Convention in Boston in July 2013. She serves as an elected Trustee of the IATSE District 12 (Western Canada) Development and Defense Fund. Moon is appointed to the IATSE International Diversity Committee and the BC Federation of Labour’s Women’s Rights and Human Rights Committees.

Moon began a career in the motion picture industry in the mid 80’s, travelled to Los Angeles to train as a script supervisor, returned to Vancouver 4 months later, and embarked on a twenty year career prior to representing the membership of Local 891 on a full time basis. She was initiated into Local 891 in 1991 and Local 210 Mixed Local, Edmonton, Alberta in 2003. Shortly after Moon became a member of Local 891, she was elected as the Chairperson for the Script Supervisor Department and sat on the Executive Committee. Moon was elected on three separate occasions as an Officer of the Executive Board in the capacity of Corresponding Secretary, beginning in 1993.

Moon has worked as both an Assistant Steward and Lead Organizer commanding an enthusiasm for organizing and eradication of non-union work in IATSE Local 891’s jurisdiction. Her commitment to organizing, continued growth and training, and betterment of conditions for IATSE members, led to her strong desire to represent the membership on another level. With a skilled organizing team left in place, Moon ran for Senior Steward and was elected late in 2007, which coincided with the end of her term as Corresponding Secretary. January 1, 2014 marks the beginning of her third term as Senior Steward, whose main duty and responsibility is, to execute and enforce the collective agreement, which includes matters of dispatch and the granting of work permits.

Kelly Moon credits her successes to her good fortune, being raised in a family of strong and active trade unionists that spanned generations, teaching her the core values of trade unionism and belonging to and serving an Alliance, under the leadership of President Loeb, who she views as the epitome of what the IATSE stands for.