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In the fall of 2015, in a continuing effort to provide professional development opportunities for all IATSE members, the Education and Training Department added a valuable new tool to our training arsenal –  Through this partnership, subscribed members have had unlimited access to the online library of over 3,500 high quality instructional videos across a wide spectrum of technologies.  To date, over 6,300 members have subscribed to through the IATSE and have had access to courses in audio visual, animation, design, photography, business writing, negotiation, conflict resolution, communication, and more - and more members enroll every day.  Click here to browse the full library.

The IATSE will continue to offer premium annual discounted subscriptions to members in good standing and local union staff for $25.


There are over 3,500 courses taught by recognized industry experts and working professionals in categories including but not limited to:

CRAFT: Audio and Music – CAD – Design – Photography – Video - 3D and Animation

LEADERSHIP: Negotiation – Time Management – Conflict Resolution – Communication – Business Writing

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word – Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs – Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator

Subscription benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the library.
  • Learn from any device for immediate problem solving or watch entire courses.
  • A flexible learning environment that’s available 24/7.
  • A cost-effective alternative to traditional avenues of professional development.
  • Keep pace with technology and stay competitive in your field.
  • Expand knowledge and grow professionally.


Click here to browse the full library.


2016-17 (Year 2) Subscriptions expire on August 31, 2017.

  • Enrollment forms received AFTER July 31, 2017 will be processed as 2017-18 (Year 3) Subscriptions.

2017-18 (Year 3) Subscriptions begin on September 1, 2017 & end on August 31, 2018 and enrollment is ongoing - Local Unions may submit forms anytime throughout the year for as many subscriptions as they like. All subscriptions cost $25 and end on August 31, 2018, regardless of the start date.

Scroll down for information for Local Unions.


Enrollment is through the local unions.  Individual members who are interested in this program should contact their local union.

ACT, MAL, and R & T members who would like to purchase subscriptions, and any member with questions, should contact Jennifer Halpern, Education Outreach Coordinator, at


  1. Contact your Local Union office to enroll.  You must be an IATSE member in good standing to purchase a discounted subscription.  Provide your local union with your name, email address with which you would like your lynda account set up, date of birth, and craft, along with a check made payable to your local union.

    Ask your local union to estimate when the forms with your subscription information will arrive in the IATSE NY Office, and then allow 10 additional business days for processing.

  2. Once your LOCAL UNION sends the enrollment forms to the IATSE NY Office, you will receive a subscription request confirmation email from followed by a welcome email containing a link to set up your account.


  1. Contact your Local Union office to enroll in a 2017-18 (Year 3) Subscription. accounts will continue uninterrupted if your forms are received in the IATSE NY Office by August 18, 2017.  Ask your local union to estimate when the forms with your subscription information will arrive in the IATSE NY Office, and then allow 10 additional business days for processing.

    It is important that you enroll as a renewal, not as a new subscriber.

    If you do not enroll in the 2017-18 (Year 3) Subscription Period, your account will be archived automatically on September 1, 2017.  Accounts can be reinstated anytime throughout the subscription period, once we receive and process the forms in the IATSE NY office.
  2. Once processed at the IATSE, you will receive an email confirmation from to let you know that your account has been reinstated and you will then be able to log on with your same username and password that you used previously.

Information for Local Unions

  1. Designate a coordinator. The coordinator collects payment from members purchasing subscriptions, fills out the required enrollment forms, and submits the completed forms to the IA Education Department with one check from the Local Union made payable to “IATSE”. Once forms are received at the IATSE NY office, the master administrator will assign Local Union coordinators the sub-administrator designation of “Group Assistant” within the administrator interface.  “Group Assistants” can view reports on your local’s usage and assign or delete playlists for your local’s subscribed members.
  2. Reach out to members who currently have subscriptions to determine which members wish to continue their subscriptions for another year.
    Click here to download the Sample Letter from Local Union to subscribed members.
    - Members who would like to UNSUBSCRIBE will automatically lose access to their accounts on August 31, 2017. No other action is required.
    - Members who wish to RENEW will enjoy uninterrupted access to their accounts if your forms are received in the IATSE NY General Office by August 18, 2017. Members who wish to renew and whose forms are received in the IATSE NY General office after August 18, 2017 may temporarily lose access to their accounts beginning August 31, 2017. Those accounts will become active again within 10 days of receipt of the enrollment forms in the IATSE NY office.
  3. Promote subscriptions for members who are not currently subscribed.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to customizable promotional materials.
  4. Fill out the enrollment forms. 
    a. For locals who are new to, download the enrollment instructions and forms by clicking the link below. 
    b. For locals with members enrolled in the 2016-17 (Year 2) Subscription Period, use the enrollment instructions and 2017-18 (Year 3) forms that were emailed to the local union.  Contact if you had members enrolled in the 2016-17 (Year 2) Subscription Period and have not received your 2017-18 (Year 3) enrollment forms.
    Click here to download Year Three Enrollment Instructions and Forms.
  5. Members will receive a subscription request confirmation email followed by a registration email with a link to set up their account within 10 business days of receipt of your forms, or September 1, 2017, whichever date is later.


Local Unions can promote internally to their memberships using the customizable flyer and newsletter below.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Jennifer Halpern at