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An informed union member stays in touch with what is happening in IATSE. We are providing you with online versions of The Official Bulletin and Organizer publications.

The Official Bulletin

IATSE's General Secretary-Treasurer publishes the quarterly Official Bulletin, which members receive as part of their membership services. The online versions are available in English and French. Non-members may subscribe for $10.00 per year.

Whether you want to go green or just like reading on your tablet, signing up for the online version of the Bulletin is easy! Instead of receiving a printed copy, you’ll get a copy in your email inbox (and you'll get it faster, too). Register your email and sign up to receive The Bulletin electronically. If you're already registered, just log into your account check the box to sign up!

You'll see our Bulletin is now in HTML5 format via Scribd. To view the Bulletin in full-page, just click the "View in Fullscreen" button on the bottom right-corner.

If you have any questions or comments about The Official Bulletin, please email them to:

The Organizer

Published by the West Coast Office, The Organizer is a period newsletter for the West Coast bargaining units working under the Basic Agreement.