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IATSE Successfully Organizes "Chicago"B&T Touring Crew
Friday, January 26, 2001
The IATSE successfully organized the road crew employed with the bus and truck touring company of Troika's "Chicago"; Thomas C. Short, International President of the IATSE, announced.
IATSE Organizes CTNOW.COM Meadows Music Centre
Monday, January 8, 2001
The IATSE has successfully organized the CTNOW.COM Meadows Music Centre located in Hartford, CT, according the Thomas C. Short, International President.
IATSE Members Lost Eligibility Hours During SAG/AFTRA Commercial Strike, Compared To Same Time Last Year
Friday, December 22, 2000
IATSE members lost nearly one million pension and health plan eligibility hours during the Commercial Actors strike, according to a report from the Motion Picture Industry Plans that compared the Third Quarter in 1999 to the same time in the year 2000.
IATSE Successfully Organizes "Sound Of Music" Touring Crew
Monday, December 11, 2000
The IATSE successfully won the right to represent the road crew employed with the touring company of Troika’s "Sound of Music", Thomas C. Short, International President of the IATSE announced.
Ensemble Theater Votes In Favor of Union Representation
Monday, November 20, 2000
In a recent NLRB Election in Houston, TX, the employees of the Ensemble Theater voted in favor of union representation. They chose International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes to represent them, in an election that still has some challenges to be cleared.
Remembering Steve D'Inzillo
Friday, October 20, 2000
Brother Steve D'Inzillo died on October 13, 2000. He was 90 years old. Brother D'Inzillo's many accomplishments and contributions to this Alliance, spanning seven decades, will never be forgotten.