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Michael W. Proscia

General Secretary-Treasurer
Years Active: 
1994 to 2002

Former General Secretary-Treasurer Michael W. Proscia was a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, for over 45 years, with membership in New York Locals No. One, Local 52, and Local 702, as well as more recent membership in Loca1 477, Studio Mechanics in the State of Florida.

Brother Proscia served as President and Business Representative for Local 52, for a number of years, as well as serving as Chairman the East Coast Council. He was elected in 1980 as an International Vice President of the Alliance, a position that he held until he was elected as General Secretary-Treasurer.

Brother Proscia was actively involved in many associations, including serving as The Executive Vice President of the Conference of Motion Picture and Television Unions in New York, active membership in the Press Club, the Radio and Television Working Press Association, and most recently, serving as a Film Commissioner for the State of New Jersey. He is a proud member of the Knights of Columbus, as well as the Society of St. Mary of Costantinopoli. He distinguished himself in the military, serving in the U.S. Army and receiving both a World War II Victory Medal and a Good Conduct Medal for his work as a Signal Corp. Photographic -Master Sergeant.

On December 16, 1994, Brother Proscia was elected by unanimous vote of the General Executive Board, to the position of General Secretary-Treasurer of the International, filling the unexpired term of newly-elected International President Thomas C. Short.

On July 25th, 2002, Michael W. Proscia announced he was retiring from his position as General Secretary-Treasurer after 22 years as an International Officer - eight years as General Secretary-Treasurer and 14 years as International Vice President.

President Short and the General Executive Board noted that during his tenure in office the finances of the Alliance has increased dramatically. His wisdom and his contributions to the Alliance were and will continue to be invaluable. President Short and the Board reluctantly accepted Brother Proscia's resignation upon the firm understanding that he will continue to serve the Alliance. Brother Proscia advised the Board that he would make himself available if so called to serve by President Short and the Board.

Michael W. Proscia passed away on February 21, 2016.