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Siobhan Vipond

CLC Delegate
Siobhan Vipond was elected by the General Executive Board in June 2017 to serve as the IATSE delegate to the Canadian Labour Congress.
Vipond is a proud member of IATSE Local 210, representing stage and film technicians in Edmonton, Alberta, since 2001. She is currently serving her third term as Secretary Treasurer of the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL), to which she was elected in 2013. Prior to her current role, Vipond served as Vice President and President of Local 210.
Vipond is a Vice chair of the Premier's Advisory Committee on the Economy in Alberta, and also serves as a board member for the Workers’ Health Centre, Aspen Foundation for Labour Education, and the Edmonton Community Foundation.
A committed trade unionist, Vipond is a tireless advocate on occupational health and safety, women's equality and the importance of workers' voices at all levels of government and industry. In her pursuit of social justice and workers' rights, Vipond has worked as the long-time coordinator of the AFL/CLC Annual Winter School and  director of the AFL Kids' Camp, passing shared values to the next generation. Vipond is a passionate leader who believes in the power of collective action for the common good.