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C. Faye Harper

10th International Vice President

The General Executive Board unanimously elected IATSE International Trustee and Local 834 Business Agent C. Faye Harper as 12th International Vice President at the 2016 mid-winter GEB meeting in Hollywood, Florida. Faye had served as an IATSE International Trustee after being unanimously voted in by the board on June 17, 2000.

Faye has been an IATSE member since 1992, when she became a member of Local 834. In April 12, 1993 she became an International Representative, doing work related to the tradeshow industry, organizing, and contract negotiations.

Faye is the current business agent of Local 834, which services nationally recognized Exhibit and Trade Show companies operating in the Atlanta, Georgia, metropolitan area. She has been a business representative since 1993.