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Your Health

The IATSE administers both a national health plan and a national retirement plan for the roughly 16,000 members we have in Canada. There are a few locals that administer their own plans, but the majority of Canadian locals participate in the two national plans. In the case of both plans, contributions are negotiated between the union and the employer and spelled out in each agreement. Any contributions are above and beyond what an employee receives in wages.

These national plans illustrate the basic tenet of trade unionism – that together, we are stronger – by uniting the Canadian locals of the IATSE under one banner so that, through sheer numbers, we are able to negotiate better rates, lower fees, and more benefits for our members.

The IATSE Canadian National Health Plan was established in 2011 and offers participating locals flexibility in terms of what benefits each local provides for its members. Available benefits include prescription, vision, and dental coverage as well as coverage for a host of other benefits such as physiotherapists or acupuncturists.