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IATSE Convention 2017 Education Materials

The education sessions during the IATSE Convention in July of 2017 reinforced the convention theme of Growth = Strength. Growing both a Leadership Development Program and a Craft and Safety Program at your local union grows strong members and strong local unions. Additional materials and resources are linked here, and new resources will be added periodically. Below are resources for Craft Skills and Safety and Leadership.

Craft Skills and Safety


AV/ IATSE TTF InfoComm Partnership
InfoComm Benefits and Membership
AV Essentials Course
InfoComm Certified Specialist Prep Course

Certification/ Exam Reimbursement for successful completion of certain certification/ recertification exams.

Curriculum Library to which local unions can apply and receive IATSE TTF customized curricula for training.
OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety
AV Essentials
Safety First! - Basic Safety, Fall Protection & Prevention, Ergonomics, Hazard Communication, and more!

OSHA 10 General Entertainment Safety

Online Safety Training for motion picture workers covered under the 2015-2018 area standards agreement

OSHA Training Institute Support provides financial resources to aid local unions in developing new OSHA Outreach Trainers from their local.

Supported Courses offer fixed reimbursements to local unions and employers setting up their own courses.

Train the Trainer
Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills
Hotel Subsidies for Teaching Techniques Course
Train the Trainer Master Class for Course Development

Training Tracker keep track of your local’s group safety and skills training courses in the TTF’s searchable database.

Other Available Course Trainings are Wardrobe for Film and Television, Hair and Makeup, Rigging, Electrics, Test Taking Strategies. For more, click


Guide to Developing Training Programs

Safety Guidelines Recommended by Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee for the Motion Picture and Television Industry

ACT Safe – Canada (Motion Picture and Performing Arts)

OSHA Publications
OSHA Mobile Apps
OSHA Videos

National Safety Council

Primer on Effective Study Groups

InfoComm Glossary

ESTA Technical Standards

Resources from IATSE Locals

Listing of Professional Organizations

Listing of Trainer and Vendor Resources