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Contract Language

This is template contract language for voluntary political contributions:

The Employer agrees to deduct from each employees’ gross wages at each payroll period such voluntary contributions to the IATSE Political Action Committee (“IATSE-PAC”) as the employee has authorized in writing to be deducted. At least once a month, the Employer will issue a single check for deductions payable to the IATSE-PAC and remit same directly to the IATSE-PAC. Along with the check, the Employer will provide the PAC with the following information: (1) the name of each employee for whom a deduction has been made, (2) the employee’s social security number, and (3) the amount of the deduction. Employees who wish to cancel or modify their deduction will sign a card supplied by the Union for such purpose. The Union will be responsible for obtaining any refund from the IATSE-PAC. The Union will reimburse the Employer annually for all costs incurred in administering this deduction and will indemnify and hold harmless the Employer from any and all liability arising from deductions provided for in this section. Administration of the foregoing may be assigned to the Employer’s payroll service. This Article shall not be operative in Canada unless and until the IATSE establishes a PAC in compliance with Canadian law.