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Get Involved

There are many ways to get more involved with the IATSE. It can involve a charity, an organizing drive, or general labor movement solidarity. It can be a big or small action, or anything in between. One primary way is political action.

Join Us in Solidarity!

The IATSE-PAC has been launched as a way for the IATSE to stand up to the recent attacks on our members from anti-worker politicians. The IATSE believes that we must stand up to these attacks and ramp up our voice in politics through waging this campaign. The mission of the PAC is to fight politicians and policies that do not benefit our members. 

The IATSE, along with every other union and guild across the country, has come under recent attacks. Everywhere from Madison, Wisconsin to Washington, DC, anti-worker politicians are trying to silence the voices of American workers by taking away their collective bargaining rights, stripping their healthcare coverage, and doing away with defined pension plans.