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Activist Corner

The Activist Corner was introduced in 2014's first quarter issue of the IATSE Official Bulletin as a new section that is devoted to showcase the activism of our local unions and members. The International wants to know what our local unions and members are up to, so if you know someone who you would like to “nominate” to be interviewed for us to highlight in this section, or if you would like to tell us about your own activism, please let us know. We also welcome stories about the activities of your local union. Please send your submissions to the IATSE Official Bulletin via email to:

Click each link below to read about our activist sisters and brothers!


Local 251 Blood Drive | First Quarter
Dave Callaghan, Local 58 | Second Quarter


Chandra-Li Paul, Local 411 | First Quarter
Local 600 and Local 476 Charity Basketball Game | Second Quarter
Anthony Vasquez, Jr., Local 7 | Third Quarter
Young Workers Committee, Local 479 | Fourth Quarter


Betty Pecha Madden, Local 892 | First Quarter
Mike Sullivan, Local 84 | Second Quarter
Emily Ho, Local 700 | Third Quarter
Kenny Thompson, Local 51 | Fourth Quarter