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AMPTP - Digital and Videotape Electronics Agreements

The Digital and Videotape Electronics Agreements, which would terminate on September 30, 2003, have been extended for a new three year term to September 30, 2006.  The wage increases are 50 cents per hour for the first year effective September 28, 2003; effective November 28, 2004 by two and one half percent, and effective December 4, 2005 by three percent.  All increases are compounded.  The Individual Account Plan contributions are increased to four and half percent effective November 28, 2004 and to 5 percent effective December 4, 2005.  There are additional changes for “On Call” employees, new non-dramatic programs, side letters, aerial lifts, supervising costumers, electrical classifications and contract service administration fund contributors, safety training and the camera utility rates.  The Digital Agreement, a separate agreement from the Videotape Agreement, was also extended for a three year term with the same wage and benefit increases.

Pension Plan increases are 25 cents per hour effective August 3, 2003, an additional 15 cents per hour effective August 1, 2004 and an additional 10 cents per hour effective July 31, 2005. Health Plan increases are effective August 3, 2003 and are an additional 20 cents per hour for the actives and 5 cents per hour for retirees.