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Broadway League Re: Pink Contract Negotiations

January 7, 2010 - The negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement started shortly after President Loeb was elected International President in July 2008, nearly 18 months before the then existing agreement was  due  to expire.   President Loeb stated early on that identifying League members was one of the goals for the negotiations.   He was also firm that no longer would pink contracts be permitted for shows of employers who are not signatories to, and bound by The Broadway League agreement.

The goals for the negotiations were to secure IATSE National Health Plan A Benefits; secure a Project Agreement connecting to the Pink Contract companies formed by League members to produce Broadway shows; increases in wages and benefits; and standardization of contract provisions.

Negotiations concluded on January 7, 2010, with the IATSE achieving its stated goals and agreeing to a SET agreement for tours that need more flexibility.   The IATSE secured wage and benefit increases and for the first time obtained media language (buyouts), codified the practice regarding bonds, audit language, rights and expedited arbitration.   Gains were made in other areas, such as compensation for use of a live performance in other media (such as television).  A number of changes were also agreed upon that will, for the first time, provide traditional contract protections such as scope and recognition, union security, grievance and arbitration and minimum conditions provisions.

On January 7, 2010, the General Executive Board was polled and unanimously ratified the Memorandum of Agreement.