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Canadian Picture Pioneers created

Photo caption: Licenses for a Canadian motion picture projectionist.

Principally a philanthropic and fraternal organization created to provide assistance and support to needy individuals who have devoted their lives to the motion picture industry, the Canadian Picture Pioneers was born on April 11.  The purpose of the organization is:

  • To create and promote friendly relations amongst those who have been or are engaged in, or are connected with the Motion Picture Industry;
  • To promote and create friendly relations and understanding between the public and those engaged in or actively connected with the Motion Picture Industry;
  • To aid those in need who were formerly in and part of the Motion Picture Industry, without in any way expecting or requiring the persons in receipt of such assistance to purchase or pay for such assistance either by contribution, donations, assessments or otherwise.

The Canadian Picture Pioneers have stood as a model for all other organizations seeking to fulfill these same worthy goals.