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Child Actor Guardians Ratify First Collective Bargaining Agreement with Broadway League

NEW YORK, July 30 -- Child Actor Guardians unanimously ratified their first collective bargaining agreement with the Broadway League.  Members of the Broadway League employ Child Actor Guardians for the purposes of overseeing the care, professional behavior and well being of child performers while in theaters and rehearsal spaces.

The contract is the culmination of negotiations between IATSE, its Local 764, and the Broadway League following voluntary recognition of the union by the League.  The contract is for a period of four years and includes annual wage increases as well as employer contributions to health and retirement funds.

In the spring of 2010 the International filed representation petitions for child actor Guardians at “Billy Elliot” and “A Little Night Music”, which closed on January 8, 2012.  The International won the representation election for “Billy Elliot” by a unanimous vote.  The focus of the negotiations centered on attaining health coverage for the full-time Guardians employed on “Billy Elliot”. 

The bargaining committee formulated a public relations campaign intending to persuade the employers to grant recognition of the Guardians to the International.  The campaign included buttons, customized cookies, bannering and social media. Two of the most impactful elements of the campaign were cookies and leaflets on which Tony Award winners and nominees agreed to lend their likeness and to express their support for the Guardians. Every attendee at the press conference announcing the 2011-2012 Tony nominations received a leaflet and box of cookies. Every union represented on Broadway wore buttons demonstrating their support for the Guardians organizing campaign.