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CSU strike begins March 12

Photo caption: The wardrobe department of 20th Century Fox in the mid-40s. The wardrobe specialists made thousands of costumes, complete with accessories, for all kinds of movies. Some of their work, as is true today, established fashion trends that swept the nation.

Because the CSU strike was a jurisdictional strike against the IA, most IA members crossed the picket lines, along with members of SAG, the Screen Writers Guild and the Screen Directors Guild.  The striking CSU members attempted to prevent the non-strikers from working by physical force.

President Walsh sent in a new representative to Hollywood, Roy Brewer, who became a powerful force in West Coast Labor relations.

In the early post-war period, just as the Cold War was getting underway, there was an undercurrent of fear in the United States regarding the “Red Menace. “ This fear permeated the debate over the Hollywood strike, as many suspected that Communists were encouraging animosity between the Alliance and the CSU.

An NLRB election was finally held, but virtually every ballot was disputed, resulting in further delays on the issue of who was to represent those 77 set decorators.  A three-man NLRB board set up to decide the matter was unable to do so.