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Decline of theatre television

President Walsh had hoped that theatre television would dominate the new industry, giving work to IA members in virtually every segment of the overall entertainment industry.  He believed the public would welcome the opportunity to view live sporting events, televised news and entertainment shows on the large screens found only in movie theaters.

The major motion picture companies also promoted theatre television, and were happy to negotiate contracts with projectionist locals they already knew so well.

But the post-war public preferred to stay home and watch the tiny, black-and-white screens in their living rooms, instead of spending money on theatre television.

With the decline of theatre television, the Alliance knew it was essential to expand jurisdiction into the television stations themselves.  Unfortunately, the studio wars of the 1940’s and struggles brought about by the Taft-Hartley Act sapped the attention and strength of the Alliance.  Thus, the IA came late to the game of organizing television stations.