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Development of the IATSE Safety App

Over the past six months, the development on the Safety App focused on adding functionality and generating content from each Department. By creating the means to link to outside websites and sources, the app can now provide updated and timely information to members, such as the Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Boards in Canada, as well as OSHA and CSATF safety bulletins.  

The Hazard Reporting Form has been adjusted to allow for a wider variety of reports, and now includes Harassment as one of the listed workplace hazards. Also the ability to adjust who receives notice from the Hazard Reporting Form has been added to better target the appropriate personnel who can investigate and act on those reports.

The IATSE will continue to do everything it can to insure the safety of the members of the Alliance.  Every Department will have an individual that is trained to deal with reports as they are submitted through the App and Safety Hotline.