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District Conventions hold Education Seminars

IATSE Districts around the United States and Canada have begun to hold Education Seminars during their annual meetings. These sessions are taught by instructors from the National Labor College and are the next step in the International’s ongoing Education Program, which President Loeb initiated following the 2009 Convention.

At this early date, the Labor Education Assistance Program (LEAP) has already provided funding for representatives from over 20 local unions to attend workshops and courses, studying such topics as collective bargaining, labor law, and organizing.  Many local leaders have taken advantage of online learning classes, which allow freelance workers with unconventional schedules to study on their own time.  The National Labor College, Cornell University, and other schools offer online opportunities for degree courses, short workshops, and one-time webinars.  There is a course out there to fit every schedule and educational level.  Local officers are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of this tool to expand their labor knowledge and better represent their workers.

The purpose of this increased focus on learning, communication and setting new goals is to help local unions prosper and continue to remain relevant to the workers in their communities. Education, organizing and political action are among the IATSE’s core values.

One of the objectives of the Education Program is to help locals hone this skill that all of us possess, and translate it into a plan for growth and renewal that makes sense for each local in its own jurisdiction.  President Loeb and the International stand ready to provide and support the training local unions need to continue to improve the daily lives of our members.