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Election of International Vice President William E. Gearns, Jr.

Photo caption: International President Loeb, Vice President Gearns and General Secretary-Treasurer Wood

On July 24, the General Executive Board, at its Mid-Summer meeting in Vancouver unanimously elected William E. Gearns, Jr. to the position of International Vice President. Gearns, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana started his career as a stagehand in IATSE Local 30, and has been a member of the IATSE for 44 years.

In 1988 Mr. Gearns was appointed to serve as an International Representative of the IATSE and received assignments to assist a number of local unions during his tenure with great successes. In 2000 he was appointed to the position of Director of the newly created Tradeshow and Display Work Department of the Alliance and through his efforts and dedication, the IATSE has made great strides and has accomplished a great deal in providing the best possible representation to those working in that aspect of the industry.

Gearns was elected by the Board to fill the vacancy created by the untimely passing of International Vice President Timothy F. Magee on July 6.