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Entertainment Community Announces Grassroots Organization to Fight Content Theft - Creative America

Photo caption: Creative America is formed to fight content theft.

The entertainment community announced a new initiative to build grassroots support for the fight against content theft and to protect our country’s vibrant arts and culture.  Creative America, the grassroots organization organizing the effort, will serve as the unified voice of the more than 2 million Americans in all 50 states whose jobs are supported by film and television, as well as people in other creative fields and anyone who believes that halting the looting of America’s creative works and protecting jobs must be a national priority.

Creative America will provide a gathering place ( for members of the creative community to learn more about the impact of content theft on their jobs, their benefits and their ability to continue making a living in the entertainment industry.

Among its activities, Creative America will enable members of the entertainment community to demonstrate their support for the passage of important Congressional legislation that will significantly impact the fight against content theft, including the PROTECT IP Act, legislation designed to combat foreign trafficking in stolen movies, TV shows and other forms of intellectual property.

Creative America results from the efforts of an unprecedented coalition of major entertainment unions, guilds, studios and networks: the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, CBS Corporation, the Directors Guild of America, IATSE, NBCUniversal, the Screen Actors Guild, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom, the Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.