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First National Agreement with Freeman

The first national term agreement for AV work with Freemen Audio Visual Solutions was reached by the parties on January 25, 2012.

Tradeshow Director William E. Gearns, Jr. informally broached the possibility of a national agreement with Freeman’s attorney in early 2011 and discovered that the employer was open to further discussion.   The company provided a list of 14 cities where they do “one-off” agreements and, after completing the necessary research, negotiations began on December 6, 2011.

The agreement covers a comprehensive list of job classifications that are divided into four wage groups.  The ETCP riggers and electricians receive a $1.00 per hour pay boost and the signatory Locals are obligated to provide one ETCP rigger per venue the first year, which increases proportionally to three ETCP riggers per venue by the third year of the contract.

The agreement establishes an exclusive hiring hall, but provides the employer the ability to use freelance leads and full-time employees in markets where that is the current practice until such time as that local union strengthens the depth and quality of its workforce.  Freeman agreed to contribute to the International Training Trust.

The contract also grants employment preference to ETCP riggers and electricians as well as to InfoComm Certified Technology Specialists and InfoComm AV Technologists.  

The union has committed to the employer that it will train its members to be the best AV technicians in the industry.  The employer has committed to employ these members across the country.