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General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus James J. Riley passes away

Photo caption: General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus James J. Riley

On August 23, 2001, General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus James J. Riley passed away after a long-term illness.  He was 81.

Jim Riley, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, a graduate of Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, later served as Lieutenant of the United State Naval Reserves in Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II.   He became a projectionist in Cleveland and a member of Local No. 160 in 1940, in which he was later elected to the position of Business Agent in 1966.

In 1969, he was elected to serve as an International Trustee, a position he held until 1978 when he was elected as General Secretary-Treasurer by the delegates to the 54th IATSE Biennial Convention.   Mr. Riley retired from his position as General Secretary-Treasurer after over fifteen years of service in that noteworthy position.  The title of General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus was bestowed upon him at that time.  His service and dedication to the IATSE will be long remembered.