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Government of Canada Responds To Calls For Stronger Copyright Legislation

June 7, 2010 - Hundreds of IATSE members across Canada have written to their Members of Parliament urging the MPs to protect their industry and their jobs by enacting stronger copyright legislation.   These letters have not gone unnoticed.

The IATSE congratulates the Government for introducing Bill C-32, a critical first step in ensuring Canada has modern copyright laws that protect the creative industries and men and women working in motion picture and television production across Canada.  

If implemented, the bill will ensure that Canada ratifies international treaties, which require protection for digital locks and other measures aimed at preventing online theft.  These measures would protect and create jobs in our industry by giving creators the legal tools to protect their investments in order to reinvest in future projects.

Bill C-32 also gives consumers the flexibility to manage content such as time-shifting, format shifting (copying legitimately acquired content onto devices they own), or backup copying   The bill does not provide for the extension of the controversial private copying levy to devices such as iPods, which would have been extremely unpopular with consumers and was not supported by the IATSE.