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Grassroots Labor Campaign Saves San Diego Opera

After announcing its closure and sale of its assets on March 19, 2014 and two postponed closure dates, the Board of Directors of the San Diego Opera overturned the original decision to close. 

This decision would not have been possible without the grassroots “Save San Diego Opera” campaign spearheaded by four IATSE Locals representing workers at the San Diego Opera.

After the announcement to close, the 6 unions representing workers at the San Diego Opera (IATSE Locals 122, 706, 800 & 905, AFM, AGMA) met with San Diego Opera staff and formed a committee focused on building a campaign to save the opera. Through petitions, social media, and political activism, the campaign led to the restructuring of the SDO Board.

By collaborating with the new Board, a crowd funding campaign was set up. With an original goal of $1 million and commitment by the new Board president to donate another $1 million, the campaign was able to meet the million-dollar goal and exceed it by raising $2.15 million before the self-imposed deadline. All of this led up to the vote of the Board to overturn the decision to close.