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Hurricane Sandy

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy made landfall and began what can only be described as a devastating attack on a number of eastern coastal states. Much of the worst destruction occurred in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Once the General Office became fully operational on November 5th, President Loeb and General Secretary- Treasurer Wood met and discussed possible responses by the International. It was decided that the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation would be the most appropriate vehicle to collect monies and make distributions to IATSE families in need.

On that same day, a poll of the General Executive Board was taken and the unanimous decision was made to contribute $10,000 to the Foundation to kick- start a fundraising campaign. A letter was sent from President Loeb and General Secretary-Treasurer Wood to each local union that was located within one of the States that was designated as being within the crisis response area.

The letter described the manner in which members could apply for assistance through their local union to the Foundation. A memo was also sent by President Loeb to each local union in the Alliance seeking financial contributions to assist with the effort.

That same information was also distributed via email and Twitter and posted on Facebook and the IATSE website. The Foundation received over $200,000 in contributions.  Applications from over 60 IA members were approved.

The International received a request for assistance from New York City’s Office of Emergency Management because IA members possess expertise and skills needed to assist hard hit areas of the state. IATSE Locals One, 27, 52, 161, 209, 478 and 479 in addition to a number of entertainment industry employers answered the clarion call to provide donations of money, goods, services and time to help those hardest hit. In particular, Local 52 Vice President John Fundus, worked tirelessly to bring relief to residents of affected areas.

We thank everyone who has donated time, money, and their effort in helping our IATSE brothers and sisters get back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy.