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IA honored at 5th Annual Joady Awards

Photo caption: International Vice President Carmine Palazzo accepts award on behalf of the IATSE.

March 25, 1994 - The International was honored at the 5th annual Joady Awards.  The Joady Awards recognized individuals and organizations whose efforts contributed to bringing the voices and images of working people to the American public.   IA Vice President Carmine Palazzo accepted the honor on behalf of the Alliance.  The program accompanying the award evening noted that “the stars, directors and other dealmakers take most of the money and credit for the American film industry--but there are thousands of IATSE members who rarely get the recognition they deserve.”  “Academy Award, Not,” according to the notes in the award program, written in a touching but humorous vein, “But a Joady Award to the men and women who work behind the scenes to bring The Movies.”  The awards are sponsored by the Film Arts Foundation.