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IATSE Canada Health Plan

The IATSE Canada Health Plan became a reality, marking a superlative achievement in local cooperation to provide all Canadian members with better value for their benefit dollars. The participation of larger locals has enabled some level of coverage for smaller local memberships.  President Loeb commented that the cost savings for the Canadian membership is very encouraging.

A Health Benefits Committee was formed to review and report on the delivery of health benefits to IATSE members in Canada.  The Committee undertook a survey of all Canadian local unions to design cost saving strategies.  In many cases, small locals were unable to provide any supplementary health care benefits for their members.

In June and July of 2010, the Committee undertook to design a Plan Structure for the establishment of the IATSE Canada Health Plan.  After meetings in April of 2011 involving over 50 local union Representatives, Great West Life was selected as the health plan underwriter and J&D Benefits as the third-party administrator.

The flexible structure of the Plan accommodates the direct participation by Canadian locals, as well as separate and distinct plans of the larger locals, by having access to volume discounts achieved through the co-operation and pooled purchasing power between the IATSE Canada Health Plan and the local plans.  Cost savings were achieved for both types of participants.