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IATSE Craft & Safety Training Committee Appointed

At the 66th Quadrennial Convention, external discussions were occurring regarding the creation of an IA-wide safety and training program, establishing a best practice process and bringing together our best and brightest to develop training for IATSE members.

Vice President Lawlor went to the administrators of ESTA and USITT to see which of our members participated in their organizations. Subsequently, he researched what local unions had viable training programs we could incorporate into a national program.   This research culminated in a preliminary meeting at the LDI trade show on November 21, 2009, which was chaired by President Loeb.  Several hours were spent framing what President Loeb, in conjunction with the attending members, thought the program should encompass the training of our members, making our journeymen members and new members safer, and teaching trade unionism and the history of the IATSE.

Subsequent to this meeting, President Loeb appointed the first-ever IATSE Craft Advancement Program Committee (ICAP) consisting of Brothers Willie Walters of Local One, Eddie Raymond of Local 16, Jim Utterback of Local 22, Kent Jorgensen of Local 80 (as Chair), Joe Aldridge of Local 720, Alan Rowe of Local 728 and International Representative Julia Neville.

Brother Joe Aldridge of Local 720 is the incoming President of USITT and his participation should be very helpful in the ultimate success in reaching the goals of the program.