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IATSE Crew Commended by Wisconsin State AFL-CIO for Work on Video

On March 12, 2011, IA members traveled to Madison, Wisconsin where they worked on a video for the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  During the shoot, the IA crew interviewed a number of workers who were among the thousands attending a march and rally in Madison. Hundreds of thousands of workers demonstrated throughout Wisconsin in support of working families and in protest of the action taken by Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker when a few days earlier he pushed his budget through the State Senate bringing about legal action and causing an uproar among workers throughout the State.    

Brother Martin Levenstein, a member of Editors Local 700 edited the video and received a commendation letter from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  In addition to Brother Levenstein, the IA crew was comprised of Studio Mechanics Local 476 member Scott Smith (Sound), and Camera Local 600 members Ted Lichtenheld (Director of Photography), Alejandro Garcia (1st Assistant Camera) and Colleen Lindl (Digital Loader). Local 600 Central Regional Business Agent Justin Conway coordinated the video shoot with the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.