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IATSE Endorses Obama for President

NEW YORK – The IATSE has officially endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President. The endorsement comes after Obama addressed the Chicago meeting of the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO via teleconference, and stated his clear and unwavering support for the American labor movement.  The Federation acknowledged his many efforts on behalf of unions and workers in general.  

Said IA President Matthew Loeb, “Since the 2008 Presidential election represents a critical juncture for the success of labor organizations, security for members of the IATSE and all working Americans, the IA is officially endorsing Barack Obama for President.“

Among the issues Obama has presented that are critical to the welfare of working families nationwide are his plans for reforming Social Security and health care, a strong response to the housing crisis, and improvement of public schools.  He has a plan for controlling global warming and is actively confronting the problems of poverty and inequality that still face this country.  In addition, he has what former Labor Secretary Robert Reich called “an enlightened foreign policy.“