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IATSE General Executive Board Endorsed Obama for Second Term

The AFL-CIO Executive Council, at its Mid-Winter meeting in Orlando, Florida, voted unanimously on March 13, to endorse Barack Obama for a second term as U.S. President. President Loeb, who serves on the Council, announced that the IA General Executive Board has endorsed President Obama as well.

Upon learning of the unanimous endorsement of the AFL-CIO, President Obama called President Trumka during the Council meeting and was placed on speakerphone, so that he was able to express his gratitude to all those present. President Obama pledged his continued support for all working people.   At the top of his priority list is reclaiming middle class security, putting people back to work, protecting collective bargaining and fair labor laws, and many more issues of importance to labor unions and workers across the United States. He also noted that we in labor must be more activated now than we were in 2008.  We must reclaim the House and maintain control of the Senate, or we will continue to be faced with many challenges.