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IATSE Launches LEAP (Labor Education Assistance Program)

As the next step of President Loeb’s foresight and vision for the ongoing commitment to Labor Education and to provide members the highest level of skilled leadership, the IATSE announced the Labor Education Assistance Program. Effective immediately, the International is offering to pay tuition for labor studies courses taken by its local union Officers.

At the 2009 Convention, instructors from the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland presented a Plenary Training Session designed to spark discussion and inspire local leaders to seek further education to sharpen their skills in order to more effectively represent their workers.  Through courses available at the National Labor College (both online degree courses and one-week union skills courses) and other institutions across the United States and Canada, leaders of local unions have an opportunity to assess their own local’s situation, educate themselves, enable members to participate more effectively in the life of the union, and reach out and organize new workplaces.

Special training sessions are planned for District Conventions and General Executive Board meetings, covering specific topics and problems of representing workers.

Locals of every size and level of learning are encouraged to take advantage of this new opportunity.