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IATSE Local 210 Member Named to AFL Committee

The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) announced that Siobhán Vipond (Local 210 member), Secretary-Treasurer and acting President of the AFL, has been named to the Premier’s Advisory Committee on the Economy.

Siobhán Vipond is a leading advocate for the rights of working people in Alberta. Currently serving as the Acting President of the AFL and she is in her second term as the elected Secretary-Treasurer of the organization. The AFL represents more than 170,000 unionized workers in all sectors of the Alberta economy, and works to advance the rights of working people throughout the province. 

“This is obviously a really important economic role for the IA member and Alberta Federation interim President to hold and one of many remarkable changes taking place in Alberta” stated Damian Petti, International Vice President and Vice President of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

Siobhán Vipond