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IATSE Organizes TRO Crewing, Inc. - Expanding Scope of IA Contracts Throughout Arizona

April 6, 2005 - By a vote of 41 to 1 in favor, IATSE Local 748 television broadcasting remote and studio members have ratified an agreement with TRO Crewing, Inc. for sports broadcast work in the State of Arizona, International President Thomas C. Short announced.  The contract, effective April 1, 2005, includes immediate health and welfare and annuity contributions.  Pension contributions begin in October 2006.

While this is a first contract with TRO Crewing, Inc. this agreement closely resembles those previously negotiated contracts already in place with Fox Sports Net Arizona and Burke Brothers Productions.

“The IATSE first began organizing workers with Fox Sports Arizona over two years ago.  As we promised our members then, we are reaching agreements throughout the state of Arizona, with the vast majority of local sports broadcast work now being done under IA agreements,” Short stated.