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IATSE -PAC Contest Winner Announced

On June 28, 2011, the “Stand Up, Fight Back” campaign launched the first IATSE-PAC contest for members and employees of the IATSE and IATSE local unions (who reside in the United States), and their families, to win a trip to Hawaii.  This contest was a component in the first stage of efforts to increase the awareness and contribution levels to the IATSE-PAC and it was reported that based on projections, contributions will have nearly doubled.  A drawing for the winner was held at the Mid-Winter General Executive Board meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.  The first ticket pulled was for IATSE In-House Counsel Samantha Dulaney.  Counsel Dulaney advised President Loeb that rather than accept the prize, she wanted to donate it back to the IATSE-PAC.  The second ticket pulled was for Brother Alan Rowe of West Coast Studio Local 728 who was notified that he was the winner of the 2011 PAC contest.

The International, along with Solidarity Strategies, will work to assist local unions by providing them with resources to identify and cultivate activists within their Locals to join PAC and increase their involvement in political work.

Information about the IATSE-PAC is available on the website at:, and, questions and orders for contribution forms may be made by email to: