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IATSE Said “No” To Proposition 75

Photo caption: IATSE said “no” to Proposition 75.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called for a California Special Election for November 8, 2005 for ballot Propositions 74 & 78, measures being supported by California Governor and other special interest groups.  One of the primary goals of the Propositions was to weaken the public and private unions’ voice in the California workplace.

Particularly onerous to the unions was California Proposition known as Paycheck Deception, which would have prohibited public unions from using dues for political contributions without each individual employee’s prior consent.  This proposition could have invaded an individual’s right of privacy and been used against non-public unions.

The effort to defeat these Propositions was immediately started by many of the California public and private unions, including the IATSE.   Our members strongly participated in such ways as phone banks, the GOTV campaign, poll checking, door-to-door election walks, and other work.   These members were strongly supported by their California Locals and especially Local 80, who opened their doors as one of the GOTV points.   This was a statewide effort that included many other unions (e.g. - Nurses, Teachers, and Firefighters), state and county labor federations, and the AFL-CIO.

The rally, as noted above, was held to kick off the final three-day effort prior to the Election Day and was attended by many supporters including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Art Pulaski of the California Labor Federation, and Martin Ludlow of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.   I.A.T.S.E. International President Thomas C. Short spoke to the group supporting the efforts to defeat the Propositions.

The outcome of this combined effort was that all of the proposed California Special Election Propositions were defeated.   This effort is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when unions representing a diverse group of industries work together.