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IATSE Stands Against Digital Theft before Parliamentary Committee

International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs John Lewis and International Representative Paul Taylor appeared on February 8th before a Parliamentary Committee charged with reviewing Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act.

While expressing support for the government’s stated objectives, particularly with respect to job protection and creation in our industries, Vice President Lewis and Representative Taylor also expressed concerns that the Bill, as drafted, would fall short of attaining these objectives.

Written submissions detailing the IATSE’s position and arguments for technical modifications to the Bill were submitted in conjunction with the appearance. One of the most important changes that the IATSE is asking for is that the Bill deal effectively with the problem of the so-called enablers of digital theft the sites which either facilitate online theft by peer-to-peer technology or the so-called cyberlockers such as RapidShare and MegaVideo. These sites host illicit content on their sites, oftentimes appearing as virtually indistinguishable from legitimate sites and thereby tricking consumers into unwittingly purchasing illegal content. If the new copyright law fails to address the growing problem posed by these sites, the government will have missed the opportunity to take a meaningful stand against the problem of digital theft.