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IATSE Training Trust Fund Celebrates 3 Years!

June 22nd marked the third ‘birthday’ of the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund. In the three years since its creation, the IATSE-TTF has reached more than 1600 IATSE workers with a combined total of 18,000 training hours. It has also reimbursed more than 160 individuals for their industry certifications. 

The Fund is working on identifying Canadian training resources, developing a database of trainers available to local unions, offering courses in partnership with InfoComm International in Audio Visual Essentials and CTS Certification Exam Preparation and reimbursing individuals for ETCP and CTS Exam Certification Fees. The IATSE-TTF is also further developing training resources and plans to launch new programs in 2015.

Thanks to the support of President Loeb, the IATSE General Executive Board and Department Directors, the members of the IATSE Craft Advancement Program (ICAP) who advise the Trust, and IATSE-TTF Trustees and staff, the IATSE-TTF is thriving. Its accomplishments can be attributed to the strength and commitment of the IATSE, its locals, and all of the members to the goal of maintaining the best, most highly-skilled workforce in the entertainment industry.

The IATSE-TTF looks forward to continued growth, exciting new and ongoing programs and supporting the training needs of locals.