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IATSE Women's Committee

On June 4, 2015, President Loeb established the IATSE’s Women’s Committee and appointed Local 700 Western Region Executive Director Cathy Repola to serve as chairperson.

The structure the IWC was divided into four subcommittees: Steering, which she chairs; Community Outreach and Activism, chaired by Sister Colleen Glynn; Dinner and Networking, chaired by Sister Dusty Kelly; Education and Training, chaired by Sister Cecilia Friederichs.  

Sisters Patricia White, Sandra England, Joanne Sanders and Stasia Savage serve as Co-Chairpersons on the various subcommittees.  There will be regular communication amongst the subcommittees and information will be circulated to members throughout the United States and Canada.

By establishing the IATSE Women’s Committee, it is clear that President Loeb recognizes the voices of the many diverse women of the IATSE.