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The Inception of the Pink Contract Books and Passports

The Stagecraft Department has released the new Pink Contract book containing all applicable contract language and the accompanying Passports for members traveling under the Agreement between the IATSE and the Broadway League.  The Agreement was signed by International President Loeb and representatives of the Broadway League and Disney Theatrical Productions on July 8, 2010.  The Agreement was unveiled at the Stage Caucus in conjunction with Summer General Executive Board Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The concept of turning a two-sided document into a full-fledged collective bargaining agreement was entirely the vision of International President Loeb.  In conjunction with the new contract is a new way of issuing contracts (Passports) and the introduction of a new Traveling Members program for the issuance and tracking of those who are currently on the road.  This will allow for the creation of a database for reports that should be extremely useful in future negotiations with all of our Road Employers.  The introduction of the project agreements contained within the agreement has already proven to be useful in identifying who is the individual ultimately responsible for every show on Broadway and the Road.  

This new system of utilizing Passports applies to only our contract with the Broadway League. As each term agreement comes up for renegotiation (NETworks, Troika, Phoenix, Work Light, Big League, Feld, VEE Corp, TOTS, etc,) our intent is to comport those agreements to the structure of the Broadway League contract and Passport.  

The new Traveling Members system will have the ability to generate Passports for open ended runs as well as a specific day or days, depending on the circumstances.  So the Passport will either have the date(s) where the member is under contract or the date when the contract was issued. The issuance of a Passport will not occur until a member’s good standing is assured and the practice of our local unions issuing road cards will continue.