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Labour Relations Board of Nova Scotia Implements First Contract Between IATSE Local 849 And Egg Films

In March of 2009, Local 849 certified Egg Films, the largest producer of commercials in Atlantic Canada.  In the two and a half years that followed, the two parties met several times but were unable to reach an agreement.  Because the province recently had enacted first contract arbitration, the Labour Board of Nova Scotia was obliged to impose a first collective agreement – the first time that first contract arbitration had ever been employed by the Board.  A one-year contract was presented to IATSE Local 849 and Egg Films on September 19th, heralding the end of what was a long and difficult process. 

Local 849 would have preferred a contract achieved through bargaining. Indeed, the two sides were successful in negotiating most of the collective agreement.  However, bargaining had reached an impasse on some critical issues and it became apparent that an agreement would not happen at the table, even after conciliation and mediation.  Fortunately, the Labour Board is now empowered to break the logjam by instituting a collective agreement, enabling both parties to move forward.

With this one-year agreement in hand, Local 849 is dedicated to building a new and productive relationship with Egg Films for the benefit of both parties.