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Les Miz becomes a modern-day classic

Photo caption: The wardrobe personnel at the Metropolitan Opera in New York create some of the most beautiful and intricate costumes used in the theatre today.

Broadway audiences welcomed the London hit, Les Miserables (written by two Frenchmen) with $11 million in advance sales.  Les Miserables remains a favorite of many stagehands who worked on it.  The show employs a massive turntable to move scenery, people and props around, but its most striking element is the massive apparatus that, during the course of a performance, is twisted, slid and interlocked to create, in turn, a Paris slum and the barricade of the doomed revolutionaries.  This incredible piece of stagecraft was literally driven, through automation, to construct the various sets as needed.

Les Miz’s lighting was also extremely effective, giving frightening menace to the Paris sewers through which Jean Valjean escapes.