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Local 893 Wins First-Ever Job Action

Photo caption: At the 1991 AFL-CIO Convention, then-Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton meets with IATSE President Alfred W. Di Tolla.

A one-day job action by members of Local 893 - the first ever undertaken by that Local since its charter in 1963 - resulted in a signed contract being delivered to the picket line that same day.

The members of Local 893 proved they were determined when they began picketing Starlight Musicals, Inc. Issues in the dispute centered on wages, conditions and the definition of jurisdiction. Starlight Musicals had been sub-contracting much of the work to non-union entities, and disguising that fact for a couple of years. The company’s original proposal included language in the Local’s recognition clause that would virtually wiped out their jurisdiction over the construction of costumes and allowed the employer unrestricted discretion in contracting out the work.

Local 893’s former definition of jurisdiction prevailed in the contract ultimately signed.