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Local One action against League of American Theatres and Producers

The League of American Theatres and Producers’ contract with Local One expired, and the League - in keeping with the prevailing pattern under the Reagan-Bush era - demanded substantial concessions in working conditions.

Local One’s leadership knew that what happened in these negotiations would set a precedent for the rest of North America, affecting not just stagehands, but other theatrical crafts that included wardrobe, box office employees, ushers, ticket takers, and hair and make-up employees.

Negotiations reached a grim impasse, and, as required under the IA Constitution, Local One asked the International for assistance.  As a result of President Di Tolla’s intervention, a four-year contract was reached that included satisfactory increases and, of equal if not more importance, held the line on all basic working conditions.

The contract was overwhelmingly accepted by the membership.  The four-year contract has now been adopted by other unions in the theatrical field, both within New York City and outside, not only for League theatres but for other employers as well.  This has led to a welcome period of stability and peace in an industry that has been beleaguered in recent years.