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Matthew D. Loeb Unanimously Re-Elected IATSE President

International President Matthew D. Loeb was re-elected by acclamation to serve another four-year term in the position he has held since 2008. The vote was held at the IATSE’s 67th Quadrennial Convention at the Boston Sheraton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.  

Over 800 delegates from nearly 400 locals in the U.S. and Canada contributed to the unanimous and vocal support for President Loeb and the General Executive Board, which was also re-elected. Loeb and his slate, known popularly as “Matt’s Team,” ran unopposed. In addition to General Secretary-Treasurer James Wood, the slate includes 13 International Vice Presidents, three trustees, and the delegate to the Canadian Labor Congress.

The theme of the Convention was the Pillars of Success: Leadership, Skills and Safety, Activism, and Communication.

“It is through these pillars,” Loeb said, "that we will strengthen the infrastructure over the next four years to ensure the success of this great Union.”

During the last four years, Loeb has engineered successful organizing drives across the seven departments of the IA, increased training and emphasized the importance of safer working conditions, led the membership in supporting labor-friendly political candidates, and opened lines of communication through social media.