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Mergermania strikes TV

Photo caption: Script Supervisor on the set of Angel Street takes some last-minute script changes.

The buying and selling of television networks, movie studios and individual station outlets caused great upheaval in the industry during the 12 years of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Out of this came a fourth network, the Fox Network, and the takeover by Time, Inc. of the Warner Communications empire.  Unfortunately, while these activities resulted in the need for more shows to fill air time, quality in programming was not immediately part of the formula.  And IA members did not benefit from the station explosion.

Re-runs of old TV shows popped up on cable, along with old and not-so-old movies.  Networks and superstations began filling their late night hours with news shows and talk show programming.  The increase in broadcasting hours provided some work to Alliance members, but, as always, every job was fought for and hard won.