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New Commercial Agreement

A new commercial agreement with a number of extremely significant changes and developments was negotiated.  Among the most important gains, the Union was able to achieve an agreement that would make the multi-state and Los Angeles agreements a single contract.  In addition, areas not previously covered by the Camera Local 600’s separate contract were folded into the IA’s agreement.  Local 161 (Script Supervisors, Production Office Co-coordinators and Accountants) and Local 798 (Hair and Make-up) participated in the negotiations, and their agreements were successfully merged into the International’s overall deal.  These Locals maintained many of the superior conditions established for years in the northeastern U.S.  The success in these negotiations is in line with the policy of standardizing agreements, covering all geographic areas and consolidating bargaining power.   Having a single agreement covering commercials greatly increases the Union’s leverage.  Regardless of where the company is based, they are bound to the agreement where they produce.